E·R·Plus Time scheduling

Gantt diagrams including capacity analysis

Time scheduling

E·R·Plus time scheduling helps with the planning of your projects: Material procurement and production time can be scheduled in a clear Gantt chart. Important events such as dates for the building inspection can be created as milestones. During planning, automatic adjustments – using the personnel capacities stored in the system – are made in order to achieve the highest workload achievable.


  • Import of the calculated hours from the preliminary cost estimation
  • Planning of work processes, material disposition and milestones
  • Reminder functions via "My E·R·Plus"
  • Table view or presentation as Gantt chart
  • Use templates for common job types
  • Retrograde loading of positions, starting from the target date
  • Determine and influence planned capacity utilisation
  • Time tracking on schedule positions automatically determines the progress

Your advantages

  • Clear planning through graphical representation of the course of a project
  • Planning with the actual calculated values
  • Reminder functions for important project milestones or appointments without progress
  • Recognize project progress thanks to feedback from company data collection times in the scheduling
  • Can be evaluated thanks to final cost estimation for individual schedule positions

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