About E·R·Plus

E·R·Plus software is forward-looking

Create the ideal starting point.Success in business influenced, to a large extent, by internal company structure and contol. This is where E·R·Plus comes in. The functions integrated into the system for human , financial and material resources create the basis for the perfect interplay of all company areas. As you would expected from a forward-looking enterprise resource planning system, all company resources are displayed clearly and thus offer the optimal starting point for target-oriented work.

E·R·Plus software is intuitive and user-friendly

Uncomplicated controls
E·R·Plus is designed to simplify your work and production processes. Therefore, particular emphasis has been placed upon ease of handling during its development. Numerous wizards and controls based on Microsoft® Office allow your employees to use the system intuitively from the very start. Compatibility to other applications is guaranteed thanks to special import and export formats. E·R·Plus offers great potential for customisation to deal with all the requirements of your company and employees thanks to its integrated report designer.

E·R·Plus software is flexible

Increase your productivity at low cost.
The modular, expandable structure, the high level of security and flexibility  and the numerous completely automatically controlled work processes are convincing arguments for the implementation of E·R·Plus. Furthermore, the program’s modular structure allows all company departments to be equipped at low cost. As E·R·Plus is based upon a relational database, the implementation of Microsoft® SQL Server´can also make the system even more efficient.