Compact Edition Basic Edition
Steel Alu Alu Steel Alu Steel
SQL-Server database
Single-user solution
Network solution
Manage multiple clients / companies
Online update
Maximum number of licenses
Reporting / Listen
Reporting / Lists List & Label report designer
Bar code support
Freely customisable templates
Article bar code assistant
Freely customisable reports for invoices, offers, order confirmations, etc.
Individual evaluations
General program settings customisable (e.g. categories)
Advanced program settings customisable (e.g. costing)
Action-based user management including reading, writing, deleting, new
Excel universal import for master data
Article data import from Excel 2003 - 2016
Article data import Data norm 5
GAEB 1990 / GAEB 2000 import (81, 83) and export (84)
Ö-Norm B2063 List of services import (Austria only)
Calculation and BOM interface as well as article data import SchüCal 2016
Calculation and BOM interface as well as article data import to LogiKal 11
Calculation and BOM interface as well as article data import C-Mol
Calculation and BOM interface as well as article data import MAP
Calculation and BOM interface as well as article data import Febos
Calculation and BOM import from DSTV files
Calculation and BOM import from Excel-files
DATEV Pro export
DATEV-Lodas ASCII-export
DATEV wage and salary export
MT940 / Camt.053 bank statement import
DATEV payment import
Microsoft Outlook (2003 - 2016) contact export
CipherLab Interface (mobile bar code scanner for warehouse accounting)
Digi-rapport interface
Datafox IV-Master (for time registration)
MS-project schedule export
Scansys interface
Contact management (addresses, customers, suppliers)
- Several contact persons per contact
- Customer sales
- Supplier sales
- Supplier statistics
Project management (offers, orders, internal projects)
- Project specific article conditions
- Order overview
- Completion stages
- Offer information
Product management
- Structure BOM
- Quantity price list
- Several suppliers per article
- Item price history
- Open stock items
- Closed stock items
- Article statistics
Personnel administration
Device management
- Device accounting
Asset management
Service contract Management
Preliminary cost calculation
- Wages and value-based work processes
- Transfer of the structure from the preliminary cost calculation
- Calculation-neutral work processes
- Presentation of the contract date
- Position templates
- Formation of subheadings (lots)
- Planning by means of bottleneck capacities
- Milestones
- MS-project export
Work orders
Credit check
Offer management
- Alternative offers, additional offers
- Supplementary offers
Order confirmations
Material delivery notes
Position delivery notes
Payment invoices
Partial final invoices
Final invoices
Normal bills
Payment plans
Service contracts
Final costing
Factory production control
- Create and manage inspection orders
- WPK terminal for the workshop
Project analysis
- Acquisition list
- Order List - Order statuses
- Order list with offer information
Manuelle Kostenerfassung
Material costs recording
Labor costs recording
Financial planning
- Project financial plan
- Secure revenue and expenses
- Uncertain revenue and expenses
- Simulation for proposal projects
- Periodic revenue and expenditure
Guarantee management
Debtors open positions list
Vendors open positions list
Invoice ledger
Accounting ledger
Outgoing payment management
- Cash account, bank account
- Payment receipt
- Check receipt
- Electronic transfer via SEPA file
Receipt management
Material requirements / bill of materials
- Status display technology, warehouse, purchasing
- Automatic adjustment of stock
- Manual reservation
- Material tracking / status
Request management
- Delivery order
- Service orders
- Coating orders
- Delivery and coating orders
- Release orders
- Cross-project order optimisation
- Budget consideration for partial orders (lots)
- Management of (partial) order confirmations
- Management of (partial) deliveries
- Administration of (partial) invoices
- Collection of collective invoices
- Cumulative and uncollected payment invoices
Quick invoice entry
Material packing lists
- Automatic item withdrawal posting
Article / stock bookkeeping
- Closed stock
- Semi-open stock
- Open stock
- Consignment stock
- Book acquisitions
Sales bookings
- Book reservations
- Several storage locations per article
- Pickings
- Batch management
- Serial number management
- Manual residual length management
Inventory assistant
- Count sheets
- Automatic inventory and valuation (LiFo, FiFo, average)
Personnel annual planner (vacation, illness, training)
Personnel status
Staff attendance
Staff booking overview
Time & attendance
Additional personnel costs
Workforce management
Enter salary reports
Wage analysis
Several working time models
Capacity planning
- Graphical and tabular representation
- Simulation for offer projects
- Additional and failure capacities
- Timetable list
- Working time accounts / overtime accounts
Workforce analytics
- Attendance checklist
- Absence list
- Miss list
- Productive evaluation
- Sickness statistics
Operating statement sheet (Excel)
Document management (not auditable)
Word and Excel add-in
Project Centre (workflow-based project work)
My E·R·Plus (reminders, re-submissions, events)
Mobile time recording with E·R·Plus Time App
Mobile service orders with E·R·Plus Job Manager
ParametriX calculation module
E·R·Plus File Watcher
E·R·Plus Scan Grabber

As of 16.08.2017