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For metal construction,
facade construction,
Steel construction and metalworking

Industry solutions

The expense of a standard ERP system poses a major challenge, especially for small businesses. The analysed business processes have to be restructured. Only then will an ERP system be valuable to them. The benefits are shown above all in the cost reduction of the company processes and serves to support the resource planning of the entire company. It therefore makes sense to select software such as E·R·Plus with industry-specific modules.

For this purpose, an industry-specific competence of the ERP manufacturer is indispensable for SMEs. Among other things, this offers advantages in terms of set-up effort, since the trainers and the employees in the support of the ERP manufacturer know the processes in metal construction and steel construction. So how does the metalworker and steelmaker find the right solution for him? This is where a workshop can help pinpoint the necessary requirements.

“Nowadays, it can only be about a holistic solution.” Because whoever has decided, can not easily switch to other systems.

Advantages of an industry ERP system:

  • Only one software application instead of several different programs
  • Data maintenance in one system
  • Uniform processes and procedures in one integrated solution
  • Increased productivity
  • Better overall insight of the company
  • Reduction and better control of IT costs
  • Business data from all departments made accessible
  • Find information faster – high time savings
  • Optimise the value chain in a company
  • Better planning of production requirements and warehousing

Metal construction / Facade construction

As an industry solution for aluminium construction, E·R·Plus offers prefabricated solutions for industry-specific tasks:

E·R·Plus interacts easily with calculation programs such as LogiKal, SchüCal or WICTOP. E·R·Plus adopts master data, parts lists and calculation values ​​in order to provide you with the best possible basis for processing your projects.

Let E·R·Plus help you with material disposition: Whether you simply order accessories or order profiles in half-shells with subsequent powder coating or anodising treatment: E·R·Plus provides ready-made solutions for many tasks in the materials sector and informs the user meaningful status values ​​about the project progress.

With a complete module for managing maintenance and service orders, E·R·Plus also supports you in the completion of major construction projects in all subsequent work. Manage the systems you have manufactured and plan their maintenance.

These and many other functions make E·R·Plus the ideal industry solution for aluminium construction.


Construction group-oriented preliminary costing

Time scheduling

Gantt diagrams including capacity analysis

Final costing

Continuous final costing calculation with goal/performance comparison

Job preperation

Hour and material preparation

Factory orders

Planning of all production and assembly orders

Steel construction

As an industry solution for steel construction, E·R·Plus offers prefabricated solutions for industry-specific tasks:

At the very moment of instalment, the E·R·Plus database already contains a large set of prefabricated article master data with many common standard profiles, sheets and makers. These articles are stored with article parameters and thus enable the creation of an intelligent parametric calculation.

Individual components of the calculation can be stored in a library and reused at any time. Thus, the data once obtained in later construction projects can be adapted to new requirements with little effort.

If positions outside of E·R·Plus are constructed, a bill of materials in DSTV format can be read in E·R·Plus. DSTV parts lists can be generated by many popular CAD solutions.

With its module for the administration of inspection orders, E·R·Plus helps you to implement a factory production control. Assign test jobs to existing items and document the execution of the test. By linking the test jobs with the ordered items, all processes are managed centrally in the E·R·Plus database.

These and many other functions make E·R·Plus the ideal industry solution for steel construction.



E·R·Plus also offers industry-optimised workflows for metalworkers:

Scale your calculation according to the requirements of the current order. From a rough effort estimate to the storage of individual work steps per article. E·R·Plus always offers the freedom to determine the level of detail of your calculation yourself.

For the calculation, use the supplied article data for many common standard profiles and sheets. Geometry information is stored for all supplied articles. Based on this information, the processing times per article can be precisely determined and calculated

For all companies that focus on service and repair work, E·R·Plus offers a solution for mobile order processing. Orders entered during operation can be automatically transferred to an Android device and provide field staff with all the information they need. Used material and working hours can be recorded and acknowledged directly by the customer. For billing, no further data entry is required and the appropriate invoice is created and sent with a few clicks.

These and many other functions make E·R·Plus the ideal solution for service-oriented metalworkers.


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