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E·R·Plus introduction

Every introduction of a (new) ERP system should stimulate thinking about and reorganising all processes and structures. E·R·Plus, which follows the industry workflow, can be easily adapted to customer needs through a high degree of flexibility.

The introduction will be conducted and accompanied by professionals with industry experience.

With the specially developed tool “GO! E·R·Plus ” a practice-proven introduction guide is made available.

On the basis of a checklist (e.g. article categories, calculation schemes, schedule templates, bookkeeping settings, etc.) and an E·R·Plus sample database, which we provide right at the beginning of the installation preparation, master data are collected, settings discussed and practical experience exchanged.

The supplied specifications, which were filtered out of nearly 300 installations, can be taken over, modified or even changed fundamentally.

With this tool, you have the opportunity to check the filtered data in the run-up to the takeover and, if necessary, to revise it. System and data levels that accumulate over the years can be reduced to a minimum.

From the collected data, two customer databases are generated: a training database and a database for the operational business.

This ensures that E·R·Plus can be used extensively right after the introductory training. The user no longer has to deal with settings or master data entry during the introductory phase, but can immediately focus on the efficient execution of their operational tasks using familiar company data and settings.

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